panorama 1: loughborough farm



These drawings are developed by taking photographs from different angles and then stitching them together into a single composition. This creates some inconsistencies in the image, where one photo doesn’t quite align with another. I’ve used this drawing style as a way of capturing unstable locations: places in the process of change or transformation.

The first drawing shows the view from the Loughborough Estate in Brixton looking out over Loughborough Farm, a community growing space currently undergoing redevelopment.

The second drawing was developed as part of the Art Assassins project ‘For Some Future Time’ and documents the swimming pool in what was the Pioneer Health Centre (now private housing). The Centre was the site of The Peckham Experiment, a pre-NHS exploration of health and alternative living. The drawing was exhibited in the main gallery of The South London Gallery, and featured in the publication accompanying the exhibition.

panorama 2: pioneer health centre

panorama 2 in the 'for some future time' book